Weddings & Honeymoons

Weddings & Honeymoons

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More than 3 centuries of romance!

Zannos Melthron has been hosting weddings since the 18th century. After all, the entire mansion was built as a wedding gift. The first couple that lived here happily ever after were newlyweds.

The scene of Zannos Melathron, romantic atmosphere, the aristocratic origins and the attention to detail, the unique trim, the beautifully decorated spaces, the abundance of options and the experience of our events organizers, Zannos Melathron creates the ideal conditions for a fairy-tale wedding or an event that will forever be etched in the memory of your guests. Together we will plan and realise the most important day of your life creating a storyline event on the history, myths and traditions of a mansion that is still living its story.

The atmosphere of Zannos Melathron remains alive and untouched for those who wish to organize their wedding in classic and elegant surroundings full of romance and atmospheric ambiance of a time when marriage was sacred and important, an eternal promise.

Zannos Melathron is a truly romantic love nest for the first days of your brand new life. Indulge in the benefits and treatments of Zannos Melathron. Relax by the pool, enjoy our unique spa services, and dine with the romantic hues of the candlelight under the moods of the moon in the hotel restaurant with views all over the island of Santorini.