The History

A historic Hotel

The story of elegance


A story like fairy tale! 

In the year 1870, Michael Zannos, a rich ship-owner and wine aficionado, lives in Pyrgos village with his family, although he often travels to Russia exporting the traditional wine of Santorini, Vinsanto, making it famous around the world. During the same period, Vassilios Sorotos dominates the market of Odessa transporting in his ships the same wine with the unique taste. The business cooperation of the two families strengthens when their children, Eroulia Zannos and Nikolaos Sorotos, decide to get married. The newlyweds were gifted a majestic, neoclassic residence with murals by a very famous painter of that period inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The residence was located at the entrance of the medieval fort, Kasteli, which was also the home village of rich landowners and scholars of that period. At the outburst of the Russian revolution in the early 20th century, Nikolaos saved the life of his sister in law, Flora, and her three children, Vassia, Rita and Michael, whereas Ioannis gets lost in the fires of the revolution. Flora along with the only-daughter of Nikolaos Sorotos, Mania, live comfortably and homely in Zannos Melathron. It will be our outmost pleasure having you in this residence which scooped in its arms with love so many families, and share its history. Welcome!