Tastes & Spirits

Deliciously Yours!

In Zannos Melathron gastronomy is approached with great respect and integrity. The restaurant serves exquisite dishes with ingredients from the volcanic land of Santorini, which produces fruit and unique products known and cherished throughout the world. The dishes of the restaurant and the light snacks that are served all day long are full of delicious gastronomic suggestions that surprise and delight your palate. The wines are made from grapes grown in the family’s vineyard with vines that have been cultivated for more than one hundred years and produce wines exclusively for the label of Zannos Melathron. In the cellar you can taste unique wines in an atmospheric and mystical scenery, while you can visit the vineyard of Zannos Melathron for a first-hand experience of the whole procedure of the wine production. Your gastronomic trip to the unique flavours of the island starts in Zannos Melathron and includes some fascinating stops.